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EVERYONE is special, perfect, and loved. There is no such thing as one person being better than another.

A few months ago I attended B-Now Women’s Retreat, a loving spiritual event. (B-Now will have the next retreat in San Antonio in October) Some of us had visual talents such as musicians, authors, etc. There was a segment when people were mentioned along with their talent. This was nice for some of us, yet there came a time of discomfort for those who felt they had nothing to offer the world. They were regular attendees without obvious talent to express. Awareness, mixed with some sadness and feelings of not being ‘enough’ was brought up for everyone to hear. I wanted to add my opinion to the conversation but I didn’t get to. So now I will say some things that I would have said at the time.

If you are in physical form on Earth now, you have a purpose. It is exciting and delightful that you are here for the cause of creating peace.

Your mission is to create the positive energy of life for the survival of the planet. Rejoice with knowing that you are the connection to all that is. Know that you are the savior, and the energy of always. Be You and be thankful.

It is now time to estimate your power. You are the generators of future energy. Recognize the importance of that statement. Recognize the glory (awesome splendor,) and the power within you. The glory and the power is you. Pick up courage to be you.

“It is with love that we celebrate your contributions to the forward movement of Earth. If I can see the goodness in you, maybe you can see the goodness in you and in others. It’s there. Goodness is in everyone because everyone is made of the infinite particles of love, of life.” Do you see the connection between your joyfulness, your love and the survival of your planet? (Your abundant planet also feels the love, the life.) You are the vision of hope you are the gift.

NOW IS YOUR TIME- In this moment you are on earth for a reason. YOUR reason is to magnify your greatness for all of earth and beyond.  You are here now to create the flow of high energy frequencies. This is your time. Your greatness is within.

THE POINT IS, the power of peace and the existence of earth is within every life form. Everyone can make a difference. What is the difference you will make? At the end of your incarnation, what would you want people to say? Say it now… while you have physical mass to move your words. Say it with a smile, a hug, with laughter, and joy.

Now. Are you ready to accept your role? Do you still question your power and position? Just like the musicians and writers, you are uniquely here to create positive energy for planet Earth. No more, no less. Together, everyone becomes a symphony of loving, life sustaining, joyful energy. So when people ask what you do, tell them that you are visiting Earth as a participant of peace.

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