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Good morning. Yes indeed, another good morning and all is well- if you create an all-is-well. I say, let’s be creative today. Now what would we like to create. Hmmm, How about… (you fill in the blank). I chose fun and laughter, and seeking a new friendship.

The truth is that you do have a choice no matter what your circumstances. Today, you will be creating something so might as well make it a conscious thought. Choose a positive high frequency to be on, then connect it to something going on in your life. Choose love, joy, happiness, etc., then spread it throughout your day.

Today I felt a bit alone, so I cleaned up and went out to talk with people. It worked! By the end of the day I had wonderful conversations with the store clerk- 10 min, the mail man- 3 min, the dog down the street- probably 1 min, and a lengthy conversation with a new friend from the bookstore- at least an hour.

What will you create today? Leave a comment to let me know!

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