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Valentine’s Day For Everyone

Happy Love Day to you all. We want to suggest that Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, it is a perfect day to celebrate your very own love with yourself and with infinite source. There, that pretty much covers everyone. The reason we suggest that everyone celebrates Love Day is because love has no boundaries, no walls, no borders. It is people who place the limits. It is people who say my love is only for that other person. It is the limited thinking that brings the sadness and suffering.

With an infinite source of love available to every living creature at all times, it seems practical to imagine that everyone gets to feel and express love on Valentine’s Day and every day. That is what we hope you will do. Tune in to your love within. Find it, nurture it, and share without limits. Be grateful and celebrate you and your infinite connection to all that is.

Your feeling of love starts inside. No one out-there can put it inside of you. Once you tap into your endless supply, send it out; radiate your love to others and into space. Know that you possess the energy of Valentine’s Day. Know that you are the reason for the day. You are love. That is your purpose. Now glow, and share with everyone- no limits no boundaries.

With love,

The Teachers


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