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It crossed my mind that some of you might wonder what has been going on with divided America and the presidency. I ask my spiritual people- some times I call them my spiritual advisers.

I ask about his (Trump) purpose. They said: “He is succeeding. He is bringing awareness of separation VS peace.” I ask how? “Tell me about him please.” They wrote, “Peace will reign. He will stir the pot. The awareness pot. Watch the unfolding. You will recognize it.”

At another time, They said, “We see it as no big deal. We understand from your view. A bigger purpose is being created and served, and you will see it and understand.”

Another time: “Lauren, we know you want world peace. He is going to shatter some molds. It needs to be done. He is doing a lot to shake up the status quo. Your tippy toeing love talk will not break all the ice. He is needed too. Even if you don’t like what he represents Give him carte blanc.

They also told me that Trump came into physical form for the reason of creating a “ruckus.” They say that he is a good person in spirit and what he is doing is helpful.

I’m getting the feeling that he won’t be needed, in their words, to “create a ruckus” for very long. It will be over soon. Time will tell.

Their words helped me to understand. I hope they will help you also.

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