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Chaos in North America. Big news stories around the globe. We want to share with you that there is a reason. The pot is still being stirred to create awareness. There were a lot of comfortable ‘sleepers’ in North America who thought that all was well with their views. They are waking up to the idea that all will be well with more acceptance of the differences. Therefore the differences had to come to light. Stirring the pot is actually breaking down walls, not building them. We think ‘walls’ is a good metaphor. The walls of separation will be coming down with awareness of differences across planet Earth. Many social differences are coming to light. Some people ask, How long, how bad will this get. It isn’t over, more to come. How bad? Not so bad as good. How good. This will be more about mind changing. Not so much about destruction. In the big picture, this chaos is mostly about awareness and coming together.

This news flash is brought to you by the Jeshua Teachers channeled through Lauren

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