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This is an excerpt from my next book, The Time is Now. It will be coming out in 2017. Meanwhile, I thought this may help you to understand more about the rumblings in the U.S.

We want to share the news of a coming event. The event is Peace on Earth. It really isn’t just a single event. It is more of a gradual growth of positive energy until the end result is peace on Earth. Exciting stuff. All the people on Earth will eventually participate. Right now, there are big shake-ups which create awareness. Rumbles in human behavior both positive and negative are creating a stir of awakenings. Be assured that the rumblings are necessary. Know that it is a sign of necessary change. The conflicts and clashes will bring awareness and wake up calls to those who would otherwise not recognize the need for change. Now is the time for awareness of changing times that will lead to peace. We say this to help you look at the clashes without a lot of fear and predictions of doom. It is much better that you all look forward to the creation of peace. The outcome of the rumblings and clashes will be a unity of peace.


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