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While re-reading some of my journal, I saw an entry that could be helpful to everyone. Here it is…

LAUREN: Good Morning, My mind is roaming as usual. I’ll grab a topic and let’s talk about it. OK, the topic is spiritual work and spiritual love and acceptance. About loving everyone, not just one mate.

GUIDES: Focus, practice seeing the love in ALL. Yes, all the other stuff is within too, but mostly it isn’t necessary for you to see “their” other stuff. If you see love and they see and respond to your love, the other stuff will soften and disappear. The young will mature with love. The sick will heal with love. The ridged will soften and the angry will surrender with love. If you practice seeing the love in all, mountains of energy will move.

LAUREN: I can’t experience the love in all until I connect with the love in me. OR Experiencing the love in all connects me to the love in all. – Now, about wanting or needing a lover; loneliness which many people feel. Lately several people have talked to me about their loneliness.  If I help them find the love within, will that love sustain them without needing a partner?


LAUREN: Oh I’m so glad. I will teach people to live from the love within and be fulfilled. Yet if they want to partner-up, that is O.K. too.

GUIDES: Absolutely. The partner is a choice, a friend, a love, but not a replacement for the infinite love within which goes to everyone.

LAUREN: Thank you so much for these words.

GUIDES: Sharing your physical body is also a choice. No one has to. Don’t be pressured into physical “love making.”

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