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Holiday Joy comes from within. The joy is in my heart. So if you are looking for a joyful holiday season, my suggestion is to create the joy within yourself. Then share the joy that you created within. Share grateful joy with your friends and family. This year, after returning from South America, I’m in Texas. Family lives next door and I’m spending a few months in a nice apartment above a garage. Friends live in the house below. For these few months, I’ll be writing and publishing which is very important to me. I’ll also be enJOYing the children in both homes below my garage apartment. I think the parents in both homes appreciate my time with their kids. I’m grateful for this place, and these people. We all laugh a lot and have fun times.

If you are alone, find the joy within and share it with others who are also alone. You can find the others just about everywhere… in your neighborhood, in institutions, group homes, and in the animal shelters. And it is always easy to share joy by smiling and waving at people passing by, or soft and cheery words to dogs barking through the fences. That is one of my favorite things to do- talk to barking dogs while on my walks. Voice tone and cheeriness is important. It doesn’t stop them from barking but at least we have a nice conversation. And did you know, when a dog waves his tail, you can wave your arm/hand. Then you will be waving at each other. Try it.

The most important thing, is to find the joy within and share it.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season.

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