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Good day to all. A fine day for writing about Earth life. The people got a bit too far off the path of world peace. As with any ecosystem, there are built-in corrections. A tiny microscopic virus is sending the world back into balance. Someday perhaps the people will self-correct. Someday pandemics, epidemics, and plagues will be no more than history. For now, science is on track for cures and treatments. You, scientist, and your diligent work are applauded.

While doing your research and testing, include studies on positive and negative effects. Then move those studies on to positive and negative beliefs and behaviors. You will probably find a correlation between disease and positive or negative energy. This isn’t a far reach of the imagination. Next, look at positive/negative behaviors of societies. Include plant and animals affected by humans. Can you see why a world cleansing (epidemic) pops up occasionally? There is an earthly living system in place which is larger than human blindness. For all non-scientist, the answer is positive energy, positive regard towards all life on Earth. Start with awareness of an ecosystem that must feed upon itself. What energy are you feeding Earth life? Are you aware? Is it positive or negative? On a microscopic level, it seems there is much negative energy going on. Will you help with the correction, even if it’s too small to see?

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