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Everyone, including me, is worked up about Corona-virus so I asked my teacher/guides for a different perspective. Here is what they said:

About the virus, some will die, (mostly they knew of their exit before they agreed to birth) many will be sick. This is another wake up call for Earth. You see, the virus will cross all geographical and social status boundaries.

The reason is fear, which is the most negative of energies. Fear crosses all borders. Fear was created across Earth. The frequency- the energy of fear created a cause; a substance to validate. Take a look at some fear based actions: missile threats towards other countries (fear of losing control) border threats (fear of death in one country or the other) racism, sexism… the list was long. Fear was predominate in the news. What was being talked about was hate, dislikes, worries, and threats. It was time to talk about something else. Talk about peace.

I chimed in that the opposite of fear is love (not just in couple relationships) Love is the answer, love all, across all barriers and borders, economic, intellectual, race etc. Love looks like joy, smiles, laughter, and hugs. Love is acceptance of differences. Change your conversations.

The Teachers continued, Absolutely, but there is doubt that the world is ready for this answer. Yet the virus is real. It is a side effect of fear. When you speak, do so about dropping the panic and over-reacting. We want you to understand the fuel on the fire. The whole world was a susceptible place for the virus to start. Earth was smoldering in negative emotion, the spark ignited in China.

And now, know that when one goes through a difficult time as the world is doing now, the difficulty is easier to bear with support. The world will do just fine and survive, yet it will do much better with support. Express your love along with your physical support. Write about and talk about healing humans and all of the planet. It is time. A great time of awakening change. Keep smiling and be assured of the outcome. Know that the time has come for good change. Carry this message forward. Don’t let negative energy take hold. Keep speaking of goodness.

More words will be coming soon.

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