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I ask the teachers about the impeachment hearings. Their response was, as stated in previous posts, there will be upheavals and chaos in the world as Earth changes into peace. People have asked how to get through these times and how to stay in positive energy. The Teachers say:

“We see the changes being brought on by negative energy. You see, it has to happen. The mess will be made before the clean-up can be seen. Earth is now in the time of the mess making. It is a time of awareness. The negative energy that was hidden or overlooked is now coming out into the open. Yes, racism, poverty, sexism, and all negative energy is difficult to witness or read about. Let it be known that these times will pass. The future of Earth will be of peace for everyone. There is now much separation coming to light. Separation of the powerful and the weak, the rich and the poor, the greed and the giving.

The voices of the people will be heard. The voices of those in suffering will be heard by the masses and by the greedy. The ways of the greedy and torturers will be exposed. Systems built on selfishness will be exposed and will collapse. These systems include politics, education, finance…. The new systems will be built for the benefit of all. The homeless will have shelter, the sick will have treatment, the hungry will be fed.

Know in your heart that positive changes are being created. For now, take some time away from viewing the negative. Create your own positive news stories. Look for the goodness which is everywhere, all around you. Look for the beauty. Yes, stay informed but not to the point of becoming sickened. As you witness the chaos, take time to also witness the peace. Stay in balance. Participate in the goodness. Practice loving, smiling, laughing, joyfulness. Practice holding more awareness of the goodness, and know that the chaos is realignment. The impeachment effort is a way of exposing. Let the cards play out and know that after the chaos will be peace. Earth is a prosperous planet. There will be a time for everyone to benefit.

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