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The news of splitting the border families is upsetting to me. So I asked my spirit guides and teachers how I could help. (For those of you who don’t know, I channel- communicate on an energy level.) Here is what they told me. “… Be the Energy of Love.” I asked if that was enough, I really want to do more. They responded, “They (the children) have care takers. They don’t have an abundance of love. From all across the planet, Be the Energy of Love. Radiate. Now is your time. We will protect the children. You feed and protect the loving energy.”



Next I got an image of a night light and saw that it had an adequate small light.

Then the image changed so that the entire building had lights on.

Next there were flood lights outside the building.

The symbolism is to be with lots of people for the purpose of shinning love. From your heart space, react to this crisis with loving energy. (From your heart space, not your head space.) Change the energy of this situation.

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