Some things that may interest you about me.

I was born Lauren Claire Witherspoon in 1950. There is no doubt that life has been an adventure full of good times and bad. Through the darkness and the light, I learned the lessons of love, joy, peace and happiness.

My adult family of sons, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, nieces and nephews live all across the continental U.S. While I wish we could all be together more often, I do enjoy traveling and visiting friends and family wherever they are. I tend to be a traveler across this great planet Earth. Any country any continent- it is all home to me.

In my working years, I was mostly an entrepreneur working for myself. For about 30 years I worked in the fields of Education, Psychology, and Social Work. After that, I sold most everything I had, bought a small airplane and went flying through the Caribbean. I opened a private charter company for flying pets and people- all in cabin- to and from the Caribbean Islands. Next, and finally, I got a calling to seriously write.

Because of school and my profession, I wrote a lot in life. Reports and essays were always due. What I enjoyed writing best was my journals. Over about 20 years I had accumulated many shelves full of journals. Journaling was my private way of dumping all my thoughts, fears, and loves; out of me and on to the paper. It felt good to lift my burden or express my joy. It was through journaling that I learned  I would be writing about world peace. I learned that I would be guided to write books about love, joy, and peace. It is my hope, that through the words of the teachers talking through me, more of the world will learn, and be open to practicing the lessons of peace.