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“We, your guides, know who you are and who you are meant to be. You think of yourself as beat up, as stupid, as ugly, as less, yet you are more. Much, much more in spirit. And spirit is eternal and forever. Your negative thoughts are time sensitive. They will poof and be gone.”

“Yet my thoughts and beliefs of me become my emotions and energies both positive and negative. If I think I’m ugly, I develop frequencies of ugly. Yuck”!

“Instead, see and believe in the beauty of you.”

“Wow, that can be a challenge, yet I’ll work on it. Must I see me as wonderful?”

” Oh yes, you must see the beauty in you. You must feel your beauty, your greatness, your strength, and your OK-ness. Your earthly acceptance. Yes, this is important. No matter what others have said or done your spirit is greatly beyond their words or deeds. Work on it. See yourself as we see you. Practice.”

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