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This is a happy message from the second book in the Now Series, The Time Is Now. I think it is worth sharing in the blog.

It is good news day, a day of celebration. We invite every one of you to celebrate life today. No matter what your day is about, you all have the ability to celebrate life. Celebrate, and be happy. Be consciously aware of happiness. It is that simple. Everyone, choose an energy for today. Choose joy. Choose to allow the infinite love within. Choose to accept a path of joy today. Let’s name it JOY DAY. Now that is worth celebrating! This will be easy to do if life is going your way. If you’ve got more money, more love, more stuff, then this will be an easy Joy Day of celebration. You may think this is difficult if life were difficult today. If a loved one died, a trauma occurred, your money is gone, and so are your home and/or loved ones. The rules are the same. What applies to one day applies to another. Joy is in abundance for everyone. With or without circumstances, celebrate joy today.

Today, celebrate what you had, have, will have, and what is eternally yours. You see, we aren’t asking for you to celebrate the situations of today. We are asking you to celebrate your purpose in life. Celebrate your full range of experiences for the purpose of joy, the purpose of transmitting positive energy throughout forever. Can you do that? Can you find moments of joy to celebrate today? Moments of gratefulness. We think you can. Join Joy Day on planet Earth today. Invite someone to celebrate with you.


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